CBS Pittsburgh and The Purbalite features!

We’re getting the feels over here.  CBS local teamed up with Pittsburgh Yelp and has included us in a list of coffee shops in Pittsburgh to check out.  see the link for the video here: Blue Canary CBS Local

The Purbalite (Baldwin HS newspaper) included a review of our Mt. Lebanon Blvd location.  It is a nice quick review.  Our favorite line is “…syrups from scratch, which give the drinks a unique taste that won’t mock the overused flavors of Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.” (M.Schaming,2016).  Read the article here: Blue Canary The Purbalite

We are so fortunate to have engaged communities that care about spreading the word for small businesses.  Advertising is not affordable for us most of the time and it’s features like this that keep us alive. Thanks to Morgan and Rachel!



Blue Canary CoffeeHouse by designedByTNT